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Functional specs? Anybody? Bueller?

»Posted by on Aug 14, 2009 in Blog, Coding, Technology thoughts | 0 comments

Functional specs?  Anybody? Bueller?

 OK, so you decide to add tests to your code. That typically isn’t so easy. The odds are that your code wasn’t designed and/or implemented to be easily testable. That means you will have to make changes to it to make it testable without breaking any of it (this is usually called refactoring these days). But how can you quickly and easily tell if you’ve broken anything without that comprehensive set of fine-grained tests? Tricky. It’s even trickier than that. If you take the approach that you’ll write tests for all your code after you write the code, you have to go to extra effort to try and design/write the code to be testable.Maintaining an adequate level of testing when writing tests after the code being tested takes time and planning. And if you have...

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