R. L. Byrd, MySQL DBA

R. L. Byrd, MySQL DBA

Experience, creativity, and pragmatism.

R. L. Byrd, dba WebSpry Consulting, has been in the business of providing technology solutions since its founding in 1989.  Projects are designed, implemented, and supported with the needs and goals of the client in mind, first and foremost. In the past twenty years, clients have ranged from Fortune 100 companies, all the way through local businesses and individuals, from sophisticated e-commerce solutions and document management systems to edgy, up-to-date personal website design.

Originally trained as a musician and music technologist, I’ve been a certified DBA for over 20 years. Project sponsors ave ranged from major universities, international corporations and business units to small businesses, arts organizations and non-profits.  I do this work because I like it, and I believe it shows.

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